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Unfortunately we can not always give enough coupons to satisfy all of our customers. If we could, we certainly would! Here is your opportunity to get the products you really want! We will now start charging a fee per Elite Deal coupon. For example, let's say we are offering a premium cutting board as an Elite Deal. In order to get a coupon for the cutting board, you would pay $1 to get the coupon, and then you would head to Amazon to redeem that coupon. Elite Deals are deals we perceive as highly desirable among our EDC members. The hope is that the small fee we charge will deter other members who only "kind of" want the deal, leaving it available for those who "really" want the deal. We will always have free deals, which means you do not have to pay a fee to have access to them. We have developed a seamless billing process, that requires you to only input your credit card info this once, and when you claim an Elite deal, your credit card will automatically be billed the small fee to claim that Elite product.

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Our Elite Deals are reserved for our top of the line deals! We want to save these deals for those who truely want the opportunity to purchase them. With our incredibly low prices, plus the small fee for getting the deal, you still save tremendously!

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In order to provide you the best experience possible, we've decided to make Elite Deal Club an exclusive group. We love you guys and want you to enjoy your experience. Not everyone gets to be a part of the Elite Deal Club and we want to put that power in your hands. The only way to join the club is to be invited by you. Please feel free to invite friends, family, and others, but we are letting you hold the power, because after all it is your group!

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